Furniture Sharehouse

Donate Goods and Services

Furniture Sharehouse welcomes your donation of in-kind goods and services. We are always in need of the following:

  • Concrete Repair Work:  We need some concrete repair work done on our loading dock; if you know someone who can donate this work, it will help us with our rent costs.
  • Overflow warehouse storage space: Periodically we are offered large shipments of used furniture from hotels, colleges or other institutions but we do not have the warehouse capacity to take advantage of them.  If you have warehouse space you could donate on a short-term basis, please contact us.
  • Trucking services: If you have access to a truck/moving crew, please consider donating moving services to Furniture Sharehouse. A donation of a half or one full day of moving services on a periodic or even one-time basis can save us hundreds of dollars.
  • Printing: Furniture Sharehouse has a very limited operating budget; your help in defraying the cost of printing materials will enable us to serve an even greater number of those in need.
  • Office Supplies: The cost of the small items needed to keep us functioning adds up; please consider donating your Staples Rewards or a gift card for office supplies.