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Third Saturday of Service -- Read About Our Great Volunteer Groups!


Our THIRD SATURDAY OF SERVICE is a great opportunity for individual volunteers and volunteer groups to spend a few hours helping us unload drop-off donations, re-organize inventory and work on projects we don't get to during the week when we are busy helping clients.  You can read below about the many groups that have participated enthusiastically and made great contributions.  We are open the THIRD SATURDAY of every month from 9:30 - 11:30.  If you or your group would like to volunteer, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


June's Third Saturday of Service was a PARTY!  We had eight volunteers from our BFFs, AKA Sorority, and -- NEW! -- three great guys from their counterpart group, APA Fraternity; a couple a terrific community volunteers who found out about our Third Saturdays from our website, and Daniel K., who is also volunteering during the week in June.  And boy, did we get a  lot done!  We had Teams in the Bonus Area, Art Department, Lamp Department, Mattress Trailer, Storage Room and Chair Room.  By the time everyone was done, the whole warehouse looked great, and everything will be much more accessible for clients in the weeks to come.  Thank you AKA, APA, Daniel and Kathy McGrath, our indefatigable Volunteer Coordinator!

May's Third Saturday of Service brought "new" volunteer Paula Meighan - new to the warehouse but an old friend of FS since she has been donating furniture to us for many years through her business "Changing Places", which provides moving services for older adults and their families .  We also welcomed back John Higgins, who is becoming a regular Saturday volunteer -- his business, "Thank You For Caring", connects local non-profit organizations and businesses through a merchant-based discount program that rewards volunteers for their efforts, and BTW, all our volunteers have his discount cards.  Thanks Paula and John, for your help reorganizing the sofa aisles and unloading furniture donations, and thanks to BFF Laura Ruddy for being there to take pix and help at the end!


 APRIL -- April’s Third Saturday of Service brought members of The Larchmont Newcomers’ Club to the warehouse. Led by our indefatigable Volunteer Coordinator & Board Member, Kathy McGrath, and Board Member Scott Damashek, the LNC members took on the job of organizing the dreaded Bedframe Twilight Zone. They sorted through dozens of headboards, footboards, side rails, slats, hi-risers, metal frames and other miscellany, matching pieces up to make complete sets, tagging them, organizing them in neat rows by size and weeding out the pieces that didn’t match up with anything else. This “no-go” zone was transformed into an inviting, well-organized “Bedframes Department”, and we will reap the benefit in the coming weeks as clients will actually be able to browse and select bedframes to go with their other furniture. Thanks to Kathy, Scott and members of The Larchmont Newcomers’ Club for volunteering their time on a holiday weekend!

(below) Members of The Larchmont Newcomers' Club hard at work organizing the bed area.








MARCH -- Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (AKA) visited the warehouse on Saturday, March 15th to help with our spring-cleaning -- this is their THIRD visit to the warehouse, where their specialty is tidying and re-organized the Bonus Area, where our clients can select those little items that help make a house a home -- decorative accessories, kitchen ware, etc.  They were joined by Sam and Chris, two students from Penn State who helped re-organize mirrors, tested lamps and moved furniture. Thank you everyone for your time and effort! Happy Spring!

  (below) Members of AKA Sorority and Sam and Chris after some warehouse "spring cleaning"!

aka3 2014

JANUARY -- The Volunteer Center came to the warehouse on January 18th as part of the MLK Day of Service projects organized by The Volunteer Center.  Allison Chader of The Volunteer Center led a group of community volunteers who helped straighten and organize furniture and household items, and we also welcomed a group of young men from The Children's Village who were enthusiastic and eager to help.  The date coincided with our Third Saturday of the month, when we are always open for furniture drop-offs from 9:30 to 11:30, so we had plenty of hands to help unload furniture from several donors.  Huge thanks to all the volunteers who came out to help in spite of the freezing termperatures inside our unheated warehouse!


Beth Syayda, White Plains Common Council,  Kate Bialo Executive Director Furniture Sharehouse, Sarita Eisenstark of White Plains. 

mlk2014 1

 Community Members, staff and volunteers from Children's Village