Local Furniture Collection & Distribution Effort

On September 1, 2021, Hurricane Ida struck Westchester County, bringing unprecedented flooding that destroyed hundreds of homes and devastated the lives of thousands of people, including many who had no safety net or financial or family resources to fall back on.

The Sound Shore area was especially hard-hit, and because of the magnitude of the need in Mamaroneck – our local Member Agency, Community Resource Center, alone has a list of well over 200 families in the immediate area who lost everything – we sprung into action to be able to quickly help families as soon as they are ready to move back into their homes.

In just two weeks after Hurricane Ida, we set up a 40’ container in a parking lot on Waverly Avenue in Mamaroneck to accept furniture drop-offs from local residents eager to help their neighbors, and set up a brigade of volunteers with pick-up trucks to drive around picking up furniture from donors’ homes.  The container was quickly filled to overflowing, and we have already furnished quite a few families in the immediate neighborhood with furniture from the container.

We are thrilled to be distributing furniture exactly where it is needed so quickly after the flooding.  Special thanks to 360 Fayette Avenue Realty, which has donated the use of the parking lot on Waverly Avenue for our operations, and also to our incredible “Team Waverly” volunteers.

Mattress Fund

Our Hurricane Ida Mattress Fund campaign was extremely successful.  In record time, generous donors helped us exceed our ambitious goal of raising $50,000 to purchase new beds for the hundreds of families that lost all their belongings to Hurricane Ida’s flooding.  We have already taken delivery of a shipment of brand-new queen, full and twin mattress sets and are including them in our deliveries to each flood family referred to us for furniture assistance.

Long Road to Recovery

However, the road to recovery is long and slow.  Many families are not yet able to return to their homes while they await repairs, and some may not be able to return at all and will have to find new housing, a very difficult task in our area.  We know from prior experience that we will be seeing flood families six months and more from now, but thanks to all our generous supporters, we will have the resources to help them whenever they are able to move back into housing and will be able to provide them with the necessities to start over.