Thank you for considering donating your furniture to Furniture Sharehouse!

In order to treat our clients with dignity and respect, and keep our warehouse operations running smoothly, we ask that your furniture meet the following general criteria:


We want our clients to feel respected and hopeful when they come to select furniture. Upholstered items should be free of rips, stains or excessive fading. Wooden items should not have excessive watermarks/discoloration, chipped edges, missing hardware or other damage. All items should be free of mold, mildew, pet hair and pests.


Our clients live in buildings with small apartments, often several narrow and twisted flights of stairs with narrow hallways and tight turns. Please not the maximum dimensions on various items in our donation guidelines below.


Our clients have small apartments that can only accommodate basic furniture. They have neither the need nor the space for china cabinets, tall secretaries, buffets, credenzas, servers, tea carts or other extraneous furniture items so we are not able to accept these types of items.

If your furniture meets these criteria, please click on the Donation Guidelines link below.


The first step to donating furniture is to review our Donation Guidelines.

Please review our Donation Guidelines to see if your furniture will be accepted. You may think we are being overly picky, but nothing says, “You are worthless” more than being offered a ripped sofa or broken chair. We hope you agree that it’s important that our clients feel hopeful in their new home with their new furnishings.

Once you determine that your furniture donation will be accepted, the next step is to see if you’d prefer to drop off your donation or see if it qualifies for a pick up.

Donation Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you so picky about the condition of the furniture? “It’s good enough for someone who doesn’t have anything.”

Our clients have been through tough times – homelessness, domestic violence, foster care, addiction, physical and mental disabilities, persistent poverty and more.   We want to help them create a home environment that is comfortable and dignified and makes them feel proud and hopeful. Here’s a rule of thumb: If a furniture piece isn’t good enough for you to give a friend or a relative, it’s probably not good enough for our clients.

Why do I need at least 2 “essential items” to qualify for pickup?

Our budget only allows us to make a certain number of pick-ups per week, and we have to make sure that each pick-up will yield a minimum number of the types of furniture items our clients need the most – we can’t send the truck out for just one end table or just one armchair.

Why do you charge for pickup? Other organizations pick-up for free.

Yes, there are other organizations that pick up your furniture for free, but they are all SELLING your furniture in thrift shops at prices our clients cannot afford.  We are the ONLY organization in Westchester that gives the furniture FREE to those who need it the most.

What your pick-up fee helps us to achieve:

  • Pay a professional moving service to pick up your furniture
  • Maintain, insure and operate our truck
  • Pay rent on our warehouse facility
  • Provide free furniture to the most vulnerable members of our community
  • Sustain a charity that is only partly funded by financial donations and grants.

In short, we charge a pick-up fee to continue to provide a sustainable community service that has given over 14,000 individuals a new start in life. And you can be sure that your furniture and, if you engage our pick-up service, the service fee you pay, goes directly to helping us reach even more families in need to help them make a house a home.

Why won’t you take a my sectional sofa / sleeper sofa / entertainment armoire / china buffet / platform bed / triple dresser??

Most of our clients live in small apartments, with no elevator and narrow hallways and stairs. Have you ever tried to haul a pull-out sleeper up 5 flights of narrow stairs? It’s not pretty. Our mover, Dave, has seen it all! Check out our Tough Deliveries.

We have limited warehouse space and simply cannot afford to accept items that we know we cannot give right back out to clients.