Please Support Our Annual Campaign

Furniture Sharehouse celebrated its 15th Anniversary this year! Fifteen years of redirecting gently-used furniture from generous donors to those in need. Fifteen years of diverting tons of furniture from the waste stream. Fifteen years of furnishing hope.


Since our founding in 2007, we have furnished over 17,000 people with more than 91,000 items of free furniture, worth $5.3 million. This year, we are on track to furnish 375 households, almost back to our pre-pandemic levels.


But FURNITURE POVERTY remains an urgent and often hidden need, right behind affordable housing and food security, and yes, right here in Westchester.


Who suffers from furniture poverty? Our clients include people coping with dire personal circumstances such as homelessness, domestic violence, loss due to natural or personal disasters, and more recently, newly-arrived refugees. When they are finally able to obtain housing, they have no financial means to buy furniture, even at thrift shop prices.


Your financial gift this holiday season ensures that we can continue to furnish hope, create stability, and restore self-esteem and dignity to those most in need. Together we can fill their empty apartments, giving beds to children for a good night’s sleep, families a table at which to share a meal, and everyone a sofa to relax on at the end of the day.


Your gift can do SO MUCH:

  • $500 covers our costs to furnishing a family’s entire home

  • $250 provides a bed and mattress to get a child off the floor

  • $100 helps with gas and maintenance of our truck

  • $75 contributes to warehouse costs for storing and displaying our inventory

  • $25 helps with cleaning and repair supplies

Thank you for helping us #EndFurniturePoverty!


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