FAQs for Furniture Donors

I have some really nice items to donate, but they are not accepted under your Donation Guidelines – can you suggest other organizations that might take them?

We are gathering a list of organizations who can take items we can't.  We'll post it as soon as it's finished.

What if I have a LOT of furniture to donate and I am willing to pay a mover to bring it to you – can I make special arrangements?

Depending upon your timing and your furniture, we may be able to accommodate you – contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If you can’t pick-up my furniture but it still meets your Donation Guidelines, can I bring it to you myself?

ABSOLUTELY!  Our warehouse is conveniently located at the Westchester County Airport, and we are there to receive your drop-off donations Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. and the Third Saturday Morning of every month from 9:30 to 11:30.  NOTE:  Please DO NOT drop off furniture outside our doors when we are not open – we are only there during the hours listed above and the furniture will remain outside, get ruined in the weather and then we will be stuck with expensive disposal costs!

Why do you require a minimum monetary donation for a pick-up? The Salvation Army doesn’t charge for pick-up, plus I’m giving you my furniture!

Other organizations take your furniture and re-sell it to the general public in thrift stores at prices that the neediest families – our clients – can’t possibly afford.  We are the ONLY organization that takes your furniture and make sure it gets DIRECTLY  to those families FREE OF CHARGE to help furnish their empty apartments and begin rebuilding their lives.

Why do you require a minimum number and type of items for a pick-up?

Again, our budget only allows us to make a certain number of pick-ups per week, and we have to make sure that each pick-up will yield a minimum number of the types of furniture items our clients need the most – we can’t send the truck out for one end table or one armchair.

Why does it sometimes take several weeks to get a pick-up?

We are a non-profit and trucking costs are our biggest expense.  We don’t have a fleet of trucks that can be dispatched at a moment’s notice five days a week.  Our budget only allows us to pick up 1-2 times per week.

Why don’t you take sleep sofas, or big armoires – don’t your clients need these items?

Many of our clients live in small apartments that may be many flights up; they don’t have room for them, and sleep sofas, large entertainment units, armoires etc, are too heavy and unwieldy for our pick-up and delivery system.

How “good” is “good condition”?

“Good” doesn’t mean perfect, but a good test is to ask yourself if you would be comfortable personally  delivering the item to a needy family.

I’ve read your Donation Guidelines – why are you so PICKY?

Isn’t something worn good enough for someone who doesn’t have anything?

We ask that your donations be in GOOD CONDITION, because our clients have been through tough times, and we want them to feel proud of their new furnishings, and we do not have the resources to clean or repair your furniture.

FAQs for Member Agencies

Why do you limit your services to only Westchester County –based agencies and clients?

While we wish we had unlimited resources to help everyone who needs furniture assistance, we are only able to serve those who live within our county limits.  We don't have the means to serve those who live a considerable distance from our warehouse.

Why don’t you offer curbside delivery to northern Westchester locations?

Far-northern Westchester deliveries take 2-3 hours to load, drive, unload and drive back – our delivery service can’t afford to make that run for only $75.

Will my client’s furniture be delivered the same day as the appointment?

Sometimes, but usually not.  It will be delivered by no later than Saturday of the week of the appointment – our delivery service will contact your client and arrange a specific day and time window.

I am a case manager – sometimes I have brought clients to the warehouse and it seemed to me that some clients get more furniture, or better-condition furniture, than others?

Clients are allowed to select furniture from our daily inventory based on their specific needs and the number of people in their household.  Since our inventory is based on donations, it varies in both quality and quantity from day to day, so each time at the warehouse will be different.

Why do you charge for “No-Shows” ?

We understand that both case managers and their clients have complicated schedules and lives, but we have a waiting list of 5-6 weeks to obtain an appointment to select furniture, and a missed appointment  is a waste of our limited resources and a disservice to the many families waiting for appointments.

Our Agency staff is stretched very thin – why do you require that a client be accompanied by a case manager or other agency representative?

This requirement ensures that the client has the proper paperwork and fees, understands our policies and procedures and has accurate expectations about the process of selecting and taking delivery of their furniture.  The case manager is also required to have personal knowledge of the client’s actual specific  furniture needs, which helps our volunteer staff during the selection process.

FAQs for Other Questions

I would like to receive furniture assistance from Furniture Sharehouse – how can I get an appointment?

We are only able to work with clients referred to us by our Member Agencies, who provide the necessary income/needs verification.  Please check our list of Member Agencies to see if you have any connection with one – perhaps they have provided previous services or have program offices located in your neighborhood.

I love your mission, and I am interested in helping – what volunteer opportunities do you offer?

We have lots of volunteer opportunities for individuals, as well as groups from corporations, houses of worship and other service organizations.  Click here for more details.